My Students Write Books

      Here are a few examples of original stories written by my students. Even young students who have limited vocabulary, or difficulty with hand writing and spelling can create their own books.
  • We often begin with vocabulary from books they are reading. Sometimes I make (or they make) a vocabulary list in Quizlet .
           (Enter "sbaylies" in Quizlet's Search window to find my sets.) Then I suggest they use some of those words to make a new story.
  • I have made several sizes of story book writing paper with guidelines, which are pdf files that you can print.
  • Sometimes I type their story when their ideas are coming much more quickly than their writing ability. Sometimes we use the voice recognition software in my ipad.
  • I encourage my students to illustrate their stories, and sew them into a cover, so they have a nice book to show their friends.

by a 6 year old girl
The Dragon Fight
The Dragon Fight
by a 7 year old boy
The Day I Turned into a Mermaid
The Day I Turned into a Mermaid
by an 8 year old girl