Pathway to English Comments and Recommendations

Susan Baylies


Susan Baylies is a caring, thoughtful, and creative ESOL teacher. She works very hard to meet her students' learning needs, and she's been a wonderful volunteer for the Durham Literacy Center ESOL Program.
           - Emily Brassell , ESOL Program Coordinator, Durham Literacy Center.

student comments:

  • Studying English with Susan gave me lots of confidence in my English. She is friendly and enthusiastic, which enables me to enjoy and focus on her class. She also has much interest and knowledge in history, environment and politics. I could not only enhance my English skills but also learn various things about American life through her class.
         - Duke Visiting Scholar from Korea

  • Susan is a dedicated and enormously creative teacher. She has a brilliant talent for catching studentsí needs and making full use of them in lessons. Moreover, her wide knowledge of various fields helped me widen my English vocabulary.
          - Visiting Professor at Duke Medical Center from Korea

  • Susan is best English teacher in all of my previous English teacher. Her out-standing feature is interaction with students. She is not only teaching English but also improving student's thinking in English based on student's interest. Truly, I would like to recommend her.
          -Post-Doc Researcher

parents' comments:

My son's English tutor, Susan Baylies always prepares diverse teaching materials and activities. So, my son could easily be interested in speaking, reading, and writing English. Her lesson basically was focused on the book she brought for my son but, her teaching method was very dynamic. She uses the internet, some games, and magazines. One day, she made my son write some short story and make some dolls of the story, and then, perform a play in front of me. It was an amazing experience to improve his skill in English. I believe her original teaching method gives my son a confidence and continuous interests in English.  - Korean mom


2002-2008 ESL support for refugees from Vietnam
2006-2007 Duke ESL Certificate Program
2007 Durham Literacy Center: volunteer ESL teacher
2007- Present:  Pathway to English Private Tutor