Some Other Teachers' Online Lessons 

I searched the internet and found these teachers who have made some free English lessons online. These are better for middle school and older students and adults.

Beginner and Intermediate Lessons (All free).

ESL Video has many short videos, including movie trailers, with quizzes to fill in the missing words in songs and conversations.
Here are some sample videos with quizzes I liked.

Steve FordSteve Ford, from Canada, has many online videos for practicing English

You can also find him at

search for : steve ford english

Here is a fun lesson he gives from a beach in Brazil about phrasal verbs with the word “run”

Dave Sconda

Dave Sconda, a funny guy who has some videos to help you improve the way you pronounce letters,

some for higher level learners, and links to other teachers and other good websites.

Click on these links: Resources, Links, Video

Conversations with English speakers from around the world.

Conversations with subtitles in English and in other languages. 

Pathway to English