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My favorite dictionary is made with easy definitions for ESL learners:

It also has audio to hear word pronunciations.

It is a simpler version of the Merriam Webster dictionary: (goes to

The Free Dictionary has spelling games at the side: has more detailed word definitions and lots of example sentences for how a word is used.

At you can compare two things, maybe words that sound alike or have similar meaning:

Using Google Image Search

Use google image search to help understand many words. Put any word you don't understand into the image search... It may help you understand the word better. 

(but sometimes it is confusing, so also check  word at )

How to Copy a Picture from Google Images and then Paste it into a Document

General ESL Practice

 Newsela is a website for students to build reading comprehension by reading daily news.There is a section for kids. It tells daily news articles in 5 reading levels, from easy to advanced. The topics are on many subjects. You can make a free user account with an e-mail address and password.

News and stories with video and text.

Voice of America is produced by the US government has news in what they call “Special English”. This means they speak more slowly and use easier words:

Learn English Today: This site  has  a good section on idioms and phrases, listed by topic.

English Central has lots of videos with subtitles and word definitions. These videos can be sorted by level, and there is a Young Learners set. Many movie trailers are in this collection. You can make a free account. I tried the paid account, but I don't think the exercises teach very well. With the free membership you can watch the videos.

Grammar practice, quizzes,  irregular verbs, phrasal verbs and idioms, ESL forums, articles, teacher handouts and printables.

links to many resources, you can choose your own language on the right side for the instructions.

Here is a link to some other ESL teachers online videos.

Use Quizlet for Vocabulary Practice 

My favorite website for vocabulary practice:
At Quizlet, my students can make  free accounts to save their own vocabulary lists.  There is a matching game called "Scatter" which makes it fun to practice your vocabulary. I have made many lists that anyone may use, from the vocabulary from books in
My Recommended Reading List
Many of these books can be seen on Kindle.  

Capital Mysteries by Ron Roy: This is one I use with many students.
These stories are good for 2nd - 5th graders, both boys and girls. It is about two friends, a girl and a boy, who solve mysteries in Washington DC.

Crossword Puzzles using Quizlet Vocabulary
Poseidon Crossword from "Poseidon and the Sea of Fury" a book in the Heroes in Training series by Joanne Holub

For Children and Beginner Level

Here is a site for children to practice spelling and grammar:

ESL Resources for Teachers of Young Learners. FREE flash cards, handouts to match, phonics cards, ESL games, worksheets.

The National Geographic section for children (kids) has wonderful animal videos:

Learning to Read

Star Fall is a wonderful website for young children. Star Fall has good apps for tablets too.

Free access up to Level 3 It's fun to read: About Me, Make a Magician word machines

Storyline Online: simple books read by famous actors. "Rainbow Fish", "Harry the Dirty Dog" Find books by your reading level and subjects of interest

ManyThings: An ESL website with lots of helpful exercises, information, videos and songs.

Go to

Find "Kids" tab

You can click on Family Playground (age 3-7)

or the STACKS (age 8-12)

In Videos section, it is fun to see book trailers.

this site has games, reading with the sound, for young and middle students.


Fact Hound: search by subject area. There are links to many websites for children about each topic.

Kidipede is a kids' encyclopedia, online since 1996. A lot of kids use Kidipede for school reports or for homeschooling. World History, U.S. History, and Science

Many School Subjects to Learn in a Fun Way Here: at Mr. Nussbaum is a 6th grade teacher who has made this website for all levels of students from K-8. He wants to make learning fun. There are 3500 pages of content here about almost everything students learn in school. You can search by grade level. There are videos, games, reading comprehension quizzes, and more to help learn the information.


Print on lined manuscript for writing practice

Nature scenes, animals, objects

Story starters, alphabet pictures with lined paper

Cursive Practice

Magazine Websites

These are not ESL websites, but they have lots of pictures to help explain their articles.

The National Geographic site has a Kid's Section, with nice animal videos.


If my students are interested in science I can teach English on science topics.

EPA = Environmental Protection Agency , a US Government agency

 Here are some resources I use about the water cycle:

Water Cycle animation

Water Cycle in English

See links on side to 150 different languages

Water Cycle in Korean

Water Science 

by the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) 

If you speak Korean and need to find information about life in the USA this page may interest you:

Visitor Information in Korean, provided by US Government